​​W​​elcome to this account of stories collected by Professor Horatio Grizwold during his stay in the kingdom of Hamellton. Just know that while Grizwold, a newcomer, is unfamiliar with these stories and cannot dismiss them as true, most of them ARE true. Grizwold has left some notes in the margins, but unfortunately they were in a runic language. Fortunately, I have translated those notes so you may see his opinions and ideas on the subject. New stories will be released every Friday night, along with commentary from Grizwold. Oh, what's this? It seems I have finally found the last page I need to complete this account! Would you like to see it? Here it is, just for your eyes, dear reader! Enjoy!

Prelude: A letter from Professor GrizwoldEdit

In all my years of research, I have been curious as to what lies west of our glorious land. Only just recently I have discovered a land far, far west of the most western shore in Minecraftia, or rather Old Minecraftia now. There is a new world I have just found! The natives speak the same language as us, yet they have the strangest accents! And their technologies are different as well. They are simpler, yet at the same time more advanced somehow somehow from what I've been told. The region of New Minecraftia I've landed in is a kingdom called Hamellton, and they are a small, subtle, and quite advanced kingdom apart from their sister kingdoms to the further west. Furthermore, the Hamelltonians seem to have a rich oral history detailing their rise from ruin into a flourishing society. These notes are the only evidence that New Minecraftia exists until someone else publicizes this strange new land. I bade to those who find these notes to believe the stories inside, for they may just be true.